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Rick Scott Highlights Environmental Agenda in Letter to Michael Regan

In his letter, Scott also stressed the importance of ensuring Florida receives the funding and federal support needed to preserve our waterways, environment and natural resources.

Rick Scott Calls for More Transparency from Green Climate Fund

The GCF is an element of the Paris Climate Agreement. This letter follows President Biden’s recent Executive Order on the United States’ intent to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. Scott noted he is committed to addressing the impacts of climate change and protecting the environment while ensuring that every American tax dollar spent provides a measurable and acceptable return on investment and serves the interests of the United States.
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Kathy Castor Takes to the National Stage With Climate Crisis Committee Leadership

“Already, more than 3.2 million Americans are working in clean energy jobs. We can do more and make those quality, family-sustaining jobs that are accessible to everyone,” Castor said.