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Democrats, GOP Gearing Up for 2022 in Seminole County, a Key Battleground in Florida

Seminole County Democrats thought they were going to make major waves in 2020 but had to settle for wins at the top of the ticket. Now they are looking ahead to 2022, hoping to grasp the elusive local wins that eluded them in November.
Jason Broduer

Jason Brodeur: Expanded Outreach was Key to Winning Florida’s Most Competitive State Senate Race

The Oviedo Republican will now represent all of Seminole County and the western corner of Volusia County after defeating Democrat Patricia Sigman in state Senate District 9.
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While Doing Well in Central Florida Congressional Races, Democrats Come Up Short in Seminole...

Democrats were chomping at the bit to go to the polls in the northern suburbs of Orlando, and they cut the voter registration deficit down to almost nothing. While the Democrats put forth a massive effort, they came up short in several races.