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Paula White: Donald Trump Never Stops Fighting for U.S. Seniors

During a recent White House event, the president revealed that his administration has struck a groundbreaking deal with two retail pharmacy giants to deliver the life-saving coronavirus vaccine to nursing home residents, free of cost, as soon as it becomes available.

Paula White: Right Church, Wrong Debate – the Nation’s Cathedral is Out of Line

The clergy of Washington National Cathedral sounds like they’re auditioning to host a show on CNN, having forfeited their moral authority by egregiously politicizing it.
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Paula White: One Vote Exposes Democrats as the Party of Death

It shouldn’t be necessary to point this out, but killing an infant after it has been born is murder. Sadly, 44 Democrats in the U.S. Senate don’t see it that way.

Pastor Paula White: Still a Nation Blessed

Thanksgiving Day is a unique tradition when America sets aside one day in the year to stop our busy lives, reflect on our blessings, and give thanks to God as one nation and one...