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Gus Bilirakis Champions Terri Sewell’s Timely Access to Cancer Treatment Act

The bill “would require that patients with cancer be provided their oral cancer drugs within an acceptable time frame.”

Pharmacy Benefit Managers Driving Up Costs For Patients and Taxpayers, New Study Shows

The study also finds that PBMs are negotiating in secret to determine which medications will be covered by insurance plans and frequently pocketing the savings.

Jim Maxwell: To Address Rising Drug Costs, Mischaracterization of PBMs Deserves Scrutiny

There has been much discussion and debate recently about pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), specifically suggesting that they’re responsible for the increased drug prices that Florida’s seniors are facing. These are serious claims that deserve some very close scrutiny.

Florida Pharmacists Sounding the Alarm, Accuse PBMs of ‘Hijacking’ Health Care Spending

With Americans continuing to be impacted by the spiraling costs of health care, some neighborhood pharmacists across Florida have an idea to do something about the growing problem.