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Ric Flair

Peter Rosenberger: The Ric Flair Factor Explains Why Nothing Permanently Sticks to Teflon Donald

The key to understanding Trump is not to look at him, but rather see where Trump himself is looking.  Like Ric Flair, Trump’s point of view faces the audience.

Peter Rosenberger: The Mueller Report’s Missing Color

As America collectively sighs with frustration, Congress and the media continue focusing on their own priorities. They remain increasingly out of touch to what’s crushing so many.

Peter Rosenberger: Largest Untapped Pool of Unpaid Entrepreneurs: 43 Million Caregivers

What if these 43 million unpaid high-functioning multi-tasking caregivers got a collective epiphany to open a home business? It might just launch the greatest economic boom in U.S. history!

Toxic Masculinity Belies Complimentary Unique Strengths of Men and Women

Simply relegating responsibility of poor behavior to mere gender ignores the ravages of our oft selfish natures when we put our personal desires ahead of love and respect. Such selfishness is hardly limited to one gender.