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Ron DeSantis Losing Support With Independents in New Poll

A poll released last week showed Gov. Ron DeSantis is treading water in Florida, thanks to losing support with independents. Morning Consult released a poll showing 48 percent of Florida voters approve of DeSantis while...

New Poll Gives Joe Biden Good Results on COVID-19 But Americans Remain Pessimistic on...

A new CNN poll showed the pandemic remains the top concern for Americans followed by the economy.
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Joe Biden, Donald Trump Running Neck and Neck in Florida

That’s what a new poll from Florida Atlantic University (FAU) shows and the Sunshine State could be the key to the entire election. 

Biden and Trump Are Running Close in Florida, New Mason-Dixon Poll Finds

“Florida is a ‘must-win’ state for any Republican presidential candidate, as a path to 270 electoral votes is virtually impossible to reach without the 29 from the Sunshine State. It is obvious that Trump can’t afford to lose here,” the pollster noted.

Americans Think Their Neighbors Are Secretly Voting for Trump, Poll Shows

The poll found voters who considered themselves to be “very liberal” were three times more likely to believe their neighbors were backing Trump.

Ron DeSantis in Great Shape According to UNF Poll

Almost 14 months after he took office in Tallahassee, Gov. Ron DeSantis is in excellent shape with Florida voters
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2020 Battleground States, Including Florida, Oppose Impeachment, Poll Shows

Even “Meet The Press” host Chuck Todd said last week when it comes to impeachment, “Washington is obsessed, is consumed by impeachment and I think rightfully so, but I am mindful that the rest of the country, they're not as consumed by it.”

Ron DeSantis in Great Shape With Florida Voters According to UNF Poll

“This is the highest gubernatorial approval in recent history. You’d have to go back to the early days of the Charlie Crist administration to see numbers this high,” said Dr. Michael Binder, the faculty director of the Public Opinion Research Lab at UNF.