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Florida the Most Desirable State to Live, New Poll Shows

‭Rasmussen Reports released a poll last week, which shows that ‬Florida leads the list of states where American adults move if they had the chance. The poll showed 18 percent of those surveyed would rather...

Joe Biden’s Numbers Drop as Summer Winds Down

At the beginning of the summer, President Joe Biden had job approval ratings in the middle 50s but those numbers have been erased over the last two months. Last month, a USAToday/ Suffolk University poll...

Majority of Democrats Support Black Lives Matter Protests, Defunding the Police

According to a YouGov poll taken for Yahoo News, 57 percent of American adults said they have a favorable view of BLM. Democrats offer the most support with 84 percent of them having a favorable view of the BLM movement, a 30-point jump since 2016. Other voters are not as high on BLM though 55 percent of independents view the movement favorably while 27 percent of Republicans do.

Down in the Polls, Ron DeSantis Needs to Stop the Bleeding With Independents

DeSantis needs to get in gear and win back some of those independents from Gillum and the economy remains his best card to play. He’s going to have to step up his efforts if he wants to keep the governorship of the largest swing state in the nation in the GOP’s hands.