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Home Sales in Florida Proved Strong in the Second Quarter of 2021

Florida’s housing market continued to show strong gains in the second quarter with more closed sales, rising median prices and more new listings compared to that period 2020, according to the latest housing data...
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Florida Saw Increases in Business and Occupational Licenses During 2019

“The increase in real estate licenses, construction licenses, and hotel and restaurant licenses over the past year shows there is strengthening demand for real estate transactions and more housing, traveling and dining options for Floridians and visitors to our state,” said DBPR Sec. Halsey Beshears.
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Florida’s Economy Bounced Back Strong in the 2010s Thanks, in Large Part, to Rick...

When the 2010s opened, Florida was reeling from the economic downturn thanks in large part to its dependence on tourism, new home construction and real estate, areas which took a hit when the economy went south. Throw in the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf in 2010 and Florida was in bad shape.