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GOP’s Healthy Future Task Force Under Vern Buchanan, Brett Guthrie Turns Its Attention to...

This week, the GOP’s Healthy Future Task Force and its Modernization  Subcommittee offered “solutions to harness technological innovations to improve Americans’ lives and save taxpayer dollars." U.S. Reps. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., and Brett Guthrie, R-Ky.,...

New Polls Show Bad News for the Democrats in 2022

Several polls out over the past couple of weeks show the Democrats will have a tough campaign season ahead. Gallup released a poll that shows most Americans expect the economy to get even worse in...

Dustin McLochlin: Ted Cruz is Wrong in Comparing 2020 Elections to Rutherford B. Hayes...

Many of the articles that have appeared in the last few days comparing the two elections make a common point: that Rutherford B. Hayes and the Republican Party made a deal with Democrats that compromised African American civil rights in the South in exchange for the presidency. This is often used to argue against the creation of an Electoral Commission today since it resulted in such a “corrupt bargain” in 1876.

Anna Eskamani Wants Florida Democrats to Move to the Left

Anna Eskamani just won reelection to the Florida House but the Orlando Democrat is already thinking ahead to the next election--and what her party can do differently after a series of stinging defeats in...
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Donald Trump, GOP Go After Democrats on Defunding the Police

The GOP has seized upon calls for defunding police forces across the country as a rallying cry, mocking Democrats across the board for supporting it and for not standing up strongly enough against it.

Immigration Impacting Republican Primaries Across Florida

Across Florida, candidates running in next month’s Republican primaries are showcasing their stances on immigration and trying to use it as wedge issue to beat the competition.