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John Grant: Retirement Delayed as Many Older Americans are Working Longer

The American Dream is an‭ ‬ideal a lot of us have endeavored to achieve.‭ ‬Work hard,‭ ‬buy the car,‭ ‬then‭ ‬the house,‭ ‬have kids,‭ ‬send them to college,‭ ‬retire at‭ ‬65‭ ‬and live a...

Barry H. Spencer: Stressed Out Over Your Retirement Plan? How to Navigate in 2022

For many people, saving enough money for retirement is not an easy process, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made the task even more challenging the past two years. Some who lost their jobs halted their...
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Vern Buchanan Helps Get ‘Know Your Social Security Act’ to House Floor

On Wednesday, the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee, on which Buchanan sits, passed the “Know Your Social Security Act,” which, according to the Florida Republican’s office “helps Americans plan for retirement by making it easier to access critical information about their Social Security earnings, contributions and future benefits.” The bill now heads to the House floor. 

Vern Buchanan Unveils Priorities in House Now Under Democrat Control

With Democrats taking over the U.S. House on Thursday, one of the leading Republicans in the Florida delegation unveiled his agenda for the next two years. 

News From Around Florida

Florida families have high credit card debt, more Americans are shopping online, and millions of seniors are still working past the age of 65.