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Destinations Florida Unveils Update on How Tourism Benefits the Sunshine State

The revised report tackles challenges to tourism growth, including a new section on the pandemic response, as well as misconceptions about tourism promotion. Comprehensive information about the roles local tourism promotion organizations, Visit Florida and the private sector play within the industry are included. New graphics also detail how competitive the tourism industry is both domestically and internationally.
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Florida’s Tourism Industry Showing Economic Improvements, New Study Shows

Since the measured reopening of the state, the tourism industry is starting to see positive trends in employment, an increase in the average hotel occupancy rate and increased revenue and profit. This study follows two previous studies assessing the impacts of the pandemic response.

Florida’s Tourism Industry Hit Hard by Coronavirus Pandemic, New Study Shows

Tourism-related businesses continue to see a downward slide in hotel occupancy rates, hotel bookings, profits and employee layoffs from mid-March to mid-April. This study follows a mid-March study that tracked the initial impacts of the pandemic response.

New Study Shows How Coronavirus Crisis has Devastated Florida’s Tourism Industry

On Friday, Destinations Florida, which defines itself as the “unifying voice representing Florida’s destination marketing organizations and strives to increase the effectiveness of local tourism promotion organizations’ efforts,” released some of its findings from a study looking at how coronavirus has hit the Sunshine State.