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Anna Paulina: Donald Trump is Committed to Protecting Every American Community

Night after night, liberal celebrities, journalists, Democratic politicians, and — most bafflingly — dozens of Fortune 500 executives have cheered on the rioters as they looted and burned our neighborhoods and savagely attacked the police officers working to keep us safe. All of the senseless killing, looting, and destruction was successfully carried out using peaceful protesters as cover.

Florida Cities, Liberal Groups Plan to Fight Law Banning Sanctuary Cities

With the White House continuing plans to enforce immigration laws, some Democrats and cities in Florida Democrats are insisting President Donald Trump and a new law signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis banning sanctuary cities earlier this year has led to a war on immigrants.

Ron DeSantis Signs School Choice Expansion Into Law

At an event at a school in Miami Gardens on Thursday, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill from the Legislature, expanding school choice by creating the “Family Empowerment Scholarship Program.” The bill...
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League of Women Voters Weighs in on Elections and Other Matters in Florida

The League has been a staunch supporter of voting rights and voting access and the recently closed legislative session is no exception.