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Sean Trende: The Senate Seats Most Likely To Flip in 2022

The 2022 United States Senate elections can best be thought of as the classic battle between the irresistible force and the immovable object. The irresistible force is the playing field. President Joe Biden’s job...

Susan Crabtree: Georgia Thwarts Trump’s ‘Kingmaker’ Role

In the end, it was much ado about nothing in Georgia except for political grandstanding. Since the state swung narrowly in Joe Biden’s favor in 2020, Donald Trump vowed to seek revenge. The improbable targets...

Joe Biden Turns to Stacey Abrams to Turn Out African-American Vote in Florida

Abrams became a national star for Democrats after almost winning the Georgia gubernatorial race in 2018, a post her party has not held since 2002. She had three stops in Florida this week, hitting Daytona Beach, Orlando and Eatonville, a small town in Central Florida famous for being the first incorporated all African-American city in the United States.

Val Demings Gets More Attention as Possible VP Candidate After Chuck Schumer Talks Her...

“With the identity of the Democratic standard-bearer unknown, Mr. Schumer has begun to ponder ways of uniting the party behind whoever that person might be: The Senate leader is particularly focused on the idea of nominating an African-American woman for vice president, mulling names like Senator Kamala Harris of California, Stacey Abrams of Georgia and Representative Val Demings of Florida, according to people who have spoken with Mr. Schumer,” the Times reported.