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Jimmy Patronis Highlights the Florida Fraud Fighter Reward Program

Last week, state Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Jimmy Patronis highlighted the Florida Fraud Fighter Reward Program in an effort to increase fraud tips and crack down on insurance fraud statewide. The Florida Fraud Fighter Reward...

Jimmy Patronis Issues Directive Empowering Insurance Consumer Advocate to Hold NICA Accountable

This action directs the Insurance Consumer Advocate to coordinate directly with families participating in the NICA program and advocate on their behalf before the Division of Administrative Hearings. These direct advocacy efforts will aid NICA families as they navigate the claims process.

Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate Takes Aim at Contractor Fraud

Insurance fraud costs more than $40 billion annually, which increases the average family’s insurance premiums between $400 and $700 a year. Fraudulent tactics and schemes perpetrated by professionals who are utilizing harmful contracting and unlicensed adjusting practices are resulting in higher insurance premiums for all Floridians.

Jimmy Patronis Taps Tasha Carter to be Florida’s Insurance Consumer Advocate

Carter is a longtime employee in the Department of Financial Services where she started in 2003. She led the Division of Consumer Services for more than eight years, overseeing a staff of more than 100 employees who help more than 300,000 insurance customers each year.