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Debbie Mayfield: Donald Trump Helped Florida’s Economy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Without the leadership of President Donald Trump, the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic would have been devastating to Florida. In fact, 3.2 million Florida jobs are being saved because of President Donald Trump’s bold and timely action.  This historic move will set the pace that will have Florida breaking economic records once again.

Congressman Greg Steube: President Trump’s Great American Comeback is a Win for Florida’s Families

Prior to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the United States created 6.7 million jobs across the country, including 624,000 jobs in Florida alone. This growth lifted up all Americans, including securing historic positive trends for the Black community, Hispanics and women.
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R.J. Lehmann: Could ‘Advance Refunding’ Solve the Phase 4 Impasse?

While Democrats prescribed $1 trillion of aid in the Phase 4 package they approved in May, Republicans initially insisted the only aid they would consider is to allow local governments discretion to use an existing $150 billion coronavirus relief fund to cover operating expenses, which initially was prohibited. GOP negotiators reportedly have since upped the offer to $200 billion of new aid.
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Julio Gonzalez: Joe Biden Won’t Get Away With Ignoring Latino Voices

Recently, nearly 100 field organizers for Joe Biden’s presidential campaign issued a warning that he is “suppressing” the Hispanic vote in Florida by disregarding local voices and concerns. According to the leaked letter, the campaign is squandering Hispanic staffers with deep connections to their local communities by sending them to other parts of the state.

Ross Spano: Another Year of Tax Cuts Thanks to President Trump

Thanks to President Trump, 82 percent of middle-income Americans experienced a tax cut because a majority of the tax savings going to low and middle-income households. As a result of the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, the average American worker takes home an extra $100 a month in their paycheck.

Julio Gonzalez: Florida is Open for Business and Booming as Americans Flee States Run...

Florida has always attracted plenty of snowbirds, but now that American taxpayers are no longer footing the bill for subsidies to states with sky-high tax rates, this is becoming a more attractive destination for full-time residents than ever before.

Commerce Department Sends EDA Funds to Build Tampa Bay Innovation Center Incubator

With an additional $4.5 million in local funds, the 45,000 square foot center and is expected to create more than 460 jobs and add an additional $66 million to the local economy. 
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Jay Trumbull: Rally in Panama City Shows People Just Can’t Seem to Get Enough...

The first time the president visited Panama City Beach, in June 2015, the unemployment rate in Florida was a disappointing 5.5 percent, and Bay County’s unemployment rate was only slightly lower, at 5.4 percent.

Julio Gonzalez: Floridians Can’t Be Fooled Forever by Liberal Lies About the Trump Tax...

Liberal activists are gloating over their ability to deceive Americans into believing that their taxes didn’t decrease last year. Big mistake. “Nobody likes to give themselves credit for this kind of messaging success, but progressive...

Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Want Governors to Nominate Areas Hit by Hurricanes as Opportunity...

“The process would be identical to the opportunity zones enacted by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), and certified tracts would be eligible for the same tax treatment as the TCJA opportunity zones."

PSC Backs FPUC, FCG Agreements to Help Save Customers Money

On Tuesday, the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) approved Settlement Agreements for Florida Public Utilities Company (FPUC) and for Florida City Gas (FCG) to implement savings from the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” championed by President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans last year. 

Booming Economy Earned Fort Myers a Presidential Visit

Being the fastest-growing city in America has its perks.