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Mike Waltz

Mike Waltz: ‘No One is Talking Impeachment’ Back Home in Florida

“I just spent two weeks at home in North Florida. No one is talking impeachment,” Waltz said.

Marco Rubio Wants Donald Trump to Support Democracy in Hungary

"We are writing in advance of your scheduled meeting with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban to express concern about Hungary’s downward democratic trajectory and the implications for U.S. interests in Central Europe."
kathy castor

Kathy Castor Takes to the National Stage With Climate Crisis Committee Leadership

“Already, more than 3.2 million Americans are working in clean energy jobs. We can do more and make those quality, family-sustaining jobs that are accessible to everyone,” Castor said.

Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Bob Menendez Call on Mike Pompeo to Support Victims of...

They also asked if the Trump administration planned to bring back the Cuban Medical Professionals Parole program after it was ended by the Obama administration. 

Mike Waltz Warns About Chinese Espionage, Stealing American Technology

“This is about the wholesale theft of American technology,” Waltz said. “The Chinese are stealing their way to the top."

Donald Trump Heads to Florida, Hoping the Economy Will Keep it Behind Him in...

A recent Wall Street Journal/NBC News poll indicates the strong economy may help Trump win swing votes in states like Florida.

Florida Representatives Clash on Whether William Barr Should Testify Before House Judiciary Committee

“On Thursday, Attorney General William Barr is scheduled to testify before an oversight hearing of the House Judiciary Committee. He is threatening to refuse to testify,” they wrote in the letter that Deutch’s office showcased on Wednesday.