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Marco Rubio Introduces Bill to Keep Chinese Military Companies From Accessing American Capital Markets

Rubio’s office noted that the proposal “would prohibit malign Chinese companies — including the parent, subsidiary, affiliate, or a controlling entity — that are listed on the U.S. Department of Commerce Entity List or the U.S. Department of Defense list of Communist Chinese military companies from accessing U.S. capital markets.”

Florida Congressman Backs the Counting All Military Votes Act

This week, U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis, D-Ill., introduced the “Counting All Military Votes Act" which would ensure all absentee ballots cast by active-duty, overseas military personnel be shipped by Express Mail.

Charlie Crist Calls for Pentagon to be More Transparent After More TBIs From Iranian...

More than 100 servicemembers have been with diagnosed traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) since the attack. That number has been steadily climbing since an initial report of no casualties.

Marco Rubio Asks Mark Esper if Defense Department Installations Have Chinese Surveillance Devices

This week, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla.,  wrote U.S. Defense Sec. Mark Esper, asking for information on reports that banned Chinese surveillance equipment has been installed at the Department of Defense facilities. The letter follows a Wall Street Journal report that more than 2,700 Chinese-made surveillance devices are in use across federal installations.

Alcee Hastings’ Proposal Ending ‘Racially or Ethnically Insensitive Terminology’ on DOD Forms Clears...

“Offensive terms appearing in other DoD documents include skin color descriptions such as ‘Yellow’ for Asian Americans and ‘Red’ for Native Americans. This is quite simply unacceptable, and my legislation will see that it is fixed,” Hastings added.

Brian Mast’s Fingerprints on NDAA From Burn Pits to Keeping Children Safe

“It takes a special kind of person to put on the uniform and dedicate their life to serving our country,” Mast said. “Our brothers and sisters in arms should be able to serve our country knowing that we have their backs on and off the battlefield.”

Alcee Hastings Wants to Change DOD Forms to End ‘Racially or Ethnically Insensitive Terminology’

“Senator Duckworth and I introduced bicameral legislation requiring DOD to review its in-use forms and make any necessary updates to ensure that no racially or ethnically insensitive terminology is in use,” said Hastings.