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Frederica Wilson Proposes Ending All Non-Medical Exemption for Public School Vaccinations

We must allow science and fact-based research to guide us in making the right decision for our communities and our children,” said Wilson on Tuesday. 
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Frederica Wilson Uses Subcommittee Post to Go to Bat for Unions

“The forum’s goal is to identify economic and other effects of union membership decline and legislative measures to strengthen the National Labor Relations Act,” Wilson’s office noted. 

Donna Shalala Wants a Hearing on College Admissions Bribes but NRCC Showcases her Tenure...

As a former high ranking administrator in higher education, freshman U.S. Rep. Donna Shalala, D-Fla., has a lot to say about the bribery scandal that rocked elite schools this week--but the GOP offered a reminder that she oversaw some corruption during her time at the University of Miami.
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Frederica Wilson Takes Over House Subcommittee Focused on Pensions

Wilson led a hearing entitled  “The Cost of Inaction: Why Congress Must Address the Multiemployer Pension Crisis” which showed “what’s at stake if 100-plus multiemployer pension plans are allowed to fail and the adverse effect that will have on more than one million retirees, hundreds of thousands of workers enrolled in the plans, and businesses in states across the nation.”