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Ted Yoho Wants to Start the Process of Making Rosewood a National Historic Landmark

Rosewood, which was in Levy County, was the site of race riots as white Floridians destroyed that largely African-American town. While official statistics record six African Americans and two whites were killed in Rosewood in the first week of 1923, unofficial estimates range from 27 to 150 deaths.
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Rick Scott Plans to Continue Opposing Efforts to Open Up the Eastern Gulf to...

On Wednesday, Politico reported that the U.S. Interior Department is ready to open up the eastern Gulf for drilling after the November elections.

Rick Scott: Interior Department Made Right Decision to Stop Using Chinese Drones

“Following many conversations between my office and the Interior Department, I’m glad to see the department has seen the light and reversed course. We should not, under any circumstances, put American national security at risk by using taxpayer dollars to purchase Chinese tech,” Scott said.