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Marco Rubio Takes Aim at Joe Biden, Democrats in Final Days of the Campaign

“Biden may claim that he is ‘not a fan’ of court-packing, but when asked directly last week whether he would support it, he acknowledged ‘it depends’ on how Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination ‘turns out,’” Rubio insisted.

With Marco Rubio’s, Rick Scott’s Support, Senate Approves $484 Billion More in Coronavirus Stimulus...

The Senate approved the measure on voice vote. The U.S. House is expected to approve the measure on Thursday. President Donald Trump has said he will back this latest relief effort.

Marco Rubio Included in Time Magazine’s Special Look at the Coronavirus

Time brought in “leading doctors, scientists, politicians, artists, athletes and entertainers" to “address the coronavirus pandemic by sharing insights into how to navigate this new reality and offering solutions to the challenges we must all now face, through op-eds, interviews with Time and more.”