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Nikki Fried Florida agricultural commissioner

Nikki Fried: USITC Needs to Act on Mexico’s Strawberries and Peppers Trade Policies

Fried was joined by seasonal crop growers, industry associations, and Florida’s congressional delegation in calling for an end to unfair trade practices that have harmed Florida’s seasonal produce industry for decades.

Florida Delegation Wants ITC to Investigate How Mexico’s Trade Policies Hurt Strawberry, Bell Pepper...

Republicans in the Florida delegation sent a letter to Barton on the matter. Democrats representing the Sunshine State also sent Barton a letter on it. 

Nikki Fried Talks About Unfair Foreign Trade Before U.S. International Trade Commission

Since entering the U.S. market in 2009, Mexico’s market share for blueberries has skyrocketed by 2,100 percent, while Florida’s market share has decreased by 38 percent since 2015.