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Ebo Entsuah: With Help from State Leaders, Florida Can Champion Advanced Energy

Florida saw advanced energy employment increase by 5 percent in 2019, more than double the state’s overall job growth rate. With more than 182,000 workers in Florida, the advanced energy industry has become a significant segment of the state’s economy.

State Regulators Take Aim At Home Solar Rights

Home solar rights – particularly a state policy called net metering – might be on the line when the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) hosts a virtual workshop on Sept. 17.
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Josiah Neeley: FERC Shoots Down Federal Power Grab

Filed in April by a group with links to electric utilities, the petition sought to have the federal government claim exclusive jurisdiction over all sales of electricity that are “behind the meter”, such as electricity generated by a homeowner and sold back onto the grid. Had it been granted, the petition would have invalidated “net metering” programs in many states, which allow consumers to sell electricity they generate themselves.

Liberty First Network: Florida Energy Choice Amendment Will Harm Consumers

On the surface, this looks like a petition allowing free market principles into the energy market.