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Ashley Moody Warns About Romance Scams

Romance scams prey on an individual’s desire for companionship and occur when imposters pose as a person seeking love on dating sites, social media or even in-person to gain trust—and ultimately swindle unsuspecting sweethearts.

Jimmy Patronis Warns About Online Dating Scams

The Better Business Bureau warns that online dating sites have reported a surge in activity the days before Valentine’s Day, as many singles use technology to find a match.

Peter Rosenberger: A Valentine for a Caregiver

February 14 becomes just another day when bent under the grief of caring for an impaired loved one. Yet that same day can signify a milestone in any relationship when a supporting partner pushes past the stereotypes and steps into a level of love that many desire, but few have the courage to offer—or receive.

Valentine’s Day Expect to Add Almost $21 Billion to the Economy

While fewer people might be celebrating Valentine’s Day later this week, the Florida Retail Federation (FRF) noted that the average American will be spending $162 for the holiday.