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Ashley Moody Takes Action Against Two Florida Vaping Companies Marketing to Minors

In October, Moody launched an investigation into 21 companies selling vaping products in Florida and using marketing tactics that appear to target minors.

Ashley Moody Continues to Take Aim at Teen Vaping

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody focused on teen vaping this week, crossing the state to crack down on it even as she noted that one out of four high school students in the Sunshine State vape.

Debbie Mayfield Wants Florida to Treat E-Cigarettes Like Tobacco Products

Mayfield has filed a bill “to amend the definition of Tobacco Products in Florida Statute to include all recreational nicotine products, including electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine" which “will align the definition of these products with Federal law as outlined by The Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act.”