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Florida Representatives Want Full Post-Mastectomy Medicare and Medicaid Coverage for Breast Cancer Patients

Specifically, the representatives want the inclusion of the Women’s Health and Cancer Rights Act of 1998 (WHCRA), as well as guaranteed coverage of breast reconstruction procedures and products, such as three-dimensional nipple-areolar complex tattoos. The letter also requests CMS encourage state Medicaid agencies to amend their state Medicaid plans to include the WHCRA and update coverage to reflect CMS’s changes to the BRFM NCD, as well as to ensure tattoo artists are eligible providers.

Florida Delegation Rallies Around the Comprehensive Breast Reconstructive Act

“Breast cancer diagnosis has been on the rise each year," said Hastings on Tuesday. "With increased cases and the number of those who seek reconstruction surgery. This legislation will be vital in their recovery and relief from a life-altering illness. I am proud to have my colleagues join me in supporting a critically important bill to help breast cancer survivors.”

Florida Representatives Want Full Post-Mastectomy Medicare, Medicaid Coverage for Breast Cancer Patients

Currently, Medicare pays for breast reconstruction based on the requirement of the WHCRA, however, it is not legally required to follow the WHCRA.