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Tampa and Jacksonville Rank Among Nation’s Top 10 Cities for Realtors

A recent list of the top U.S. cities for realtors ranked Tampa and Jacksonville fourth and seventh, respectively, as the best cities for realtors.

Clever Real Estate analyzed and evaluated at a variety of metrics that affect a Realtor’s career, including housing affordability, annual salary, number of agents per 100,000 residents and annual home sales per full-time agent. 

“Among the factors weighing in Tampa’s favor, Clever noted agent salaries, which were the fourth-highest among markets studied, at $76,150 per year, compared to a median of $50,345,” reported South Florida Agent Magazine.

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As for Jacksonville, the typical full-time agent sold an average 24.6 homes over the last year, high enough to finish 10th in the country. Jacksonville’s also touts home-price growth and strong salaries. 

The top 10 cities for agents are: 

  1. Detroit
  2. Buffalo, N.Y. 
  3. Kansas City, Mo. 
  4. Tampa, Fla. 
  5. Richmond, Va. 
  6. Columbus, Ohio 
  7. Jacksonville, Fla. 
  8. Atlanta  
  9. Pittsburgh 
  10. Hartford, Conn.

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