Time’s Person of the Year Process was Rigged to Attack Donald Trump


Time magazine was always going to use its 2018 Person of the Year issue as a way of attacking President Donald Trump. That much is clear from the list of finalists.

According to its editor, Time ultimately chose a group of journalists because “manipulation and abuse of truth is really the common thread in so many of this year’s major stories.”

The magazine’s description of the journalists as “guardians” in “the War on Truth” is clearly intended to evoke the cherished liberal narrative about President Trump’s supposed dishonesty while giving Time the opportunity to indulge in the sort of self-congratulatory grandstanding that has become so common among liberal reporter-activists in the age of Trump.

“For all the insults hurled by the president at the press, rhetoric which has been deployed by dangerous actors around the world, the U.S. remains a beacon for truth and free expression,” Time explains in a particularly revealing portion of its rationale.

While its selection of “The Guardians” enabled Time to use its brief once-a-year window of relevance as a not-so-veiled swipe at President Trump, the magazine’s editors made sure that each of the other options on their shortlist would have provided the same opportunity.

One possibility was Robert Mueller, leader of the notorious “witch hunt” that has spent nearly two years and tens of millions of dollars failing to find evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election. As if that weren’t enough, Time also considered giving the title to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Another finalist was Christine Blasey Ford, the woman whose unsubstantiated allegation against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh turned his confirmation into a political circus and plunged the country into weeks of acrimony.

The list also included two entries that would have served to push an obvious policy agenda. One was “Separated Families,” which would have been an undisguised and emotionally-driven critique of the Trump administration’s efforts to secure America’s borders, and the other was “March for Our Lives Activists,” the movement of high school students that held a rally in Washington, D.C. to demand gun control.

There was also South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has repeatedly undermined President Trump’s efforts to achieve North Korean denuclearization, as well as “Black Pantherdirector Ryan Coogler and royal spouse Meghan Markle, either of whom would likely have been seen as a “culture war” salvo directed against the president.

Of course, the list also included President Trump himself, though Time’s treatment of Donald Trump when it named him Person of the Year for 2016 leaves little doubt that his selection this year would have elicited a similarly disparaging assessment of his impact.

In the end, Time didn’t have to attack President Trump and his conservative supporters directly, because its editors had the luxury of choosing from a list of finalists that was carefully curated to ensure that the eventual choice would fit an anti-Trump narrative, one way or another.

Mark Serrano is the President and CEO of ProActive Communications and Senior Advisor to Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

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  1. Time lost all appeal for me years ago. I never read it, nor give it a second thought. Even skip it for free in my Doctor’s office. Was once a subscriber, but when they ceased to be news, and started to be radical, I withdrew.

  2. Time magazine is irrelevant. Who cares what they think? Not me. I do not need a diet of liberal baloney BS.

  3. Time Magazine is a waste of paper. Liberal Propaganda Rag.
    It would be an insult if they did put President Trump on the cover.

  4. What kind of clueless morons even read Time Magazine ? they are a non entity in American politics and the world, they have become the usual liberal rag that soon will spiral down the toilet like the others. Good riddance……

  5. I don’t read that even when it’s at the Drs office.
    Considering Robert Muller really???
    The hate that they have for the President clouds their mental objectivity.
    Enough said.

  6. La Times un tentaculo mas del Viejo y corrupto establishment de Washington comandado por los Democratas y su legendaria proaborto Hillary.
    No aceptan esa pleyade de MEDIOS CORRUPTOS que el Pueblo de Estados Unidos eligio un Presidente sin nexos con el stablishment….no lo aceptan eso es todo!!!!

  7. I too cancelled most of my magazines. I get enough of a Corruption reminder of former administration on social media. I order something over the phone and these free offers I blow off. It is PAST let it die in peace and quiet.

  8. Time’s Time is up. Haven’t bought this dirty rag in 20 years. Who tf cares what these self serving scum think?

  9. Only the Liberals read The Times! Everyone knows they are leftist activists. No point in any Conservative to read it. It’s like CNN and Bill Krystal. On the way out because it’s no longer a News magazine!!

  10. Oh please, Mark Serrano. You are just as biased as you claim Time Magazine is, Mr. Senior Asvisor to Trump for “President” Campaign. Trump can have his image photoshopped onto a Time cover template again. Or you can do it for him to get his attention.

  11. I read TIME Magazine for many tears and loved the many interesting articles I guess time changes and we all eventually go along with it without realizing it is even happening Good luck in the future changes Thank you for many years of enjoyment

  12. I currently read both “The Week” and “Time” but I will not renew either of them for 2019. I support Mr Trump and most of the news one reads or hears is “FAKE”. He is keeping his campaign promises which no one else has ever done before.

  13. Mark Serrano………………..how long did it take you to write this PIECE OF CRAPOLA! I ask because it is obvious you spend all day Masturbating over this Jackass POTUS every day. He is easily the most corrupt and incompetent POTUS we have ever had. You can’t name one thing he has done to MAGA for another other than himself. Please don’t say the Tax Bill since that was shown to be as awful as anyone who has ever taken Econ 101 can tell you. Right now he has done far more damage than good. We can have one more DAY with him let alone 2 more years (and no more – if he gets 6 more years we are all f******************d over big time. He blast the media for being biased. You work for (t)RUMP – so what does that make YOU? Fair and Objective? Please tune away from the Faux News network and coverage of this bozo every bit as “objective” as KCNA is for the North Korean Fat Midget. Only thing worse than what you wrote is that so many other MAGAts replied agreeing with you. Scary.

  14. What, no Jimmy-boy? Y’know, the one who thinks Sarah Huckabee Sanders is nothing but an old sow?

  15. There are so many magazine and news organizations that I will never read or watch again. The bias against the conservative people in our country has really been illuminated by the news, Hollywood award shows, SNL, Time magazine etc… has caused me to use my time better. They should represent ALL the people!

  16. The media stop looking for the truth. they haven’t been interested in the truth for years now, their personal opinions it’s not truth ! I used to have respect for this magazine, but over the years it’s really taking a turn, I don’t read it anymore. In a time when the media has become so polarized, ” it would have been nice. Ifyou had stood up and represented”… what a shame!

  17. Just another liberal rag that it’s only worth is to be shredded for mulch under the pile of manure.

  18. Time Mag has become a liberal propaganda outlet to try and brainwash the masses. Well, it WON”T work, we see through your thinly vailed attacks! What the hell happened to REAL journalism? Journalism 101- neutrality and integrity. TIME gets an “F” Go back to school you flunked !


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