Trump Campaign Focuses on Central Florida With Bus Tour

President Donald Trump’s reelection team is sending out some heavy hitters on a bus tour this week in the crucial I-4 corridor.

Eric Trump, the president’s second son, is headlining the push to get his father reelected.

“The I-4 corridor is very important. Florida is incredibly important and it is the gateway to the White House. It’s the state that my father lives in, he will be voting in Florida and it’s a state that we love,” the younger Trump son said this week.

Eric Trump is joined on the bus by senior Trump political advisor Cory Lewandowski, former state Attorney General Pam Bondi and Lt. Gov. Jeanette Nunez.

 Florida Daily got a chance to speak one on one with Nunez on the bus.

“It’s just a really exciting day and I think the enthusiasm that we see out in the field really translates inside here. We’re all just having a grand old time,” Nunez said.

The bus tour started in Kissimmee and heads west to Tampa, not exactly the most fertile ground for the GOP. Trump was walloped in Osceola County back in 2016 but his reelection campaign is determined to do better there in November.

Nunez is a co-chair of Trump’s Latino coalition and offered some insight into why the campaign is focusing on this part of Florida.

“It shows this president’s commitment to reaching to every corner of this state, and conversing with voters, and those voters who don’t perhaps agree with him on everything, and those voters that are undecided,” she said.

Nunez said she believes the president will do better with Hispanic voters this time around, pointing out, that while not monolithic, they consistently believe in faith and freedom, two key Trump platforms. She also offered her take on campaigning during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We are all taking precautions and, obviously, wearing our masks out in public and making sure that we are trying to maintain social distance as best as you can,” Nunez said. “As you can imagine, there is a lot of enthusiasm and a lot of people that want to take pictures.”

Many of the attendees were not wearing masks.

Nunez said speaking with Trump was “a great honor.”

“When you get the opportunity to sit down with the president of the United States, it can obviously be a very overwhelming feeling, but he makes you feel right at home, but he cares.  He listens to what your issues are, and what is important to you and your state,” she told Florida Daily.

The last time she saw Trump, they talked about recovering from the pandemic.

“I talked to him about all the great things Florida is doing and how we want to continue to push and make sure that Florida has access to the economic conditions to be able to bring those jobs back from the pandemic,” she said.

The next time Nunez gets to meet with Trump in person, she expects to focus on the economy, and push for more federal dollars for Florida, including for clean water which is a major goal of the DeSantis administration.

“We have about another billion and a half to go, I would say to be able to really do the things that we want for Everglades restoration, for water quality, for overall environmental spending here in Florida,” she said.

Not surprisingly, Florida’s Democrats are ripping the bus tour. U.S. Rep. Darren Soto, D-Fla., dubbed it the “Magical Mystery Tour.”

“We don’t need silly bus tours presenting alternate realities,” Soto said. “We don’t need executive orders that would do nothing for the people, that would pretend to solve the unemployment, housing, and student loan issues with vague language, unconstitutional attempts at seizing Congress’s power, with shady timetables that even they can’t explain — all while defunding Social Security and Medicare in the process.”


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