Americans for Prosperity-Florida Joins Nationwide Campaign to Focus on High Gas Prices

Americans for Prosperity-Florida (AFP-FL) is bringing the “True Cost of Washington” campaign to the Sunshine State, providing relief at the gas pump around the state.

With stops in Tampa and Orlando already completed, the tour is set to include West Palm Beach, the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area, the Fort Myers/Naples area and the Ocala/Gainesville area in the future.

The “True Cost of Washington” campaign intends to highlight high prices at the pump.

Through partnerships with local gas stations around Florida, AFP-FL is lowering the price of gas to $2.38 per gallon – the national average in mid-January 2021 – at the tour events. Gas prices in Florida averaged $3.88 a gallon last week.

“We launched the ‘True Cost of Washington’ campaign to highlight the rising cost burden on consumers and businesses,” said Carrie Thompson-Patrick, AFP-FL’s deputy state director. “The recent events in Orlando and Tampa, where we lowered the price of gas, are part of a series of statewide events that take real action for Floridians and point to real policy solutions to the rising prices of everyday goods.”

AFP-FL State Director Skylar Zander pointed to how inflation is impacting Floridians, noting that Floridians spent more than $675 extra in May alone due to inflation.

“Floridians are suffering at the hands of an administration that doesn’t value their hard-earned money,” Zander said. “This event sheds light on how our leaders have been letting us down and allows us to discuss the truth behind rising costs – while proposing real solutions that make everyday life more affordable for Floridians and their businesses.”

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