With September being National Preparedness Month, state Attorney General Ashley Moody urged Floridians to remain vigilant.

National Preparedness Month raises awareness about the importance of preparing for disasters and emergencies that could happen at any time. September also marks the peak of hurricane season. Currently, there are multiple tropical systems in the Atlantic Ocean, including Hurricane Lee. Florida just endured the effects of Hurricane Idalia late last month and recovery efforts will be ongoing for the foreseeable future.

To help Floridians solidify storm-readiness plans, Moody highlighted the 2023 Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

“In emergency situations, proper preparations can make all the difference. As we recognize National Preparedness Month, move through the peak of hurricane season, and see heavy storm activity in the Atlantic, I encourage all Floridians to take another look at our 2023 Hurricane Preparedness Guide to solidify storm preparations,” she said.

The Atlantic Hurricane season peaks between mid-August and mid-October. Hurricane Lee and Hurricane Margot are both strong storms currently moving through the Atlantic Ocean, and thankfully not forecasted to reach Florida. However, Floridians should still be prepared. On Aug. 30, Hurricane Idalia hit Florida’s Big Bend region, and residents are still recovering from the storm that caused billions of dollars in damage.

Preparedness tips provided in the guide include:

Know evacuation routes and shelter locations;
Stock up on enough food, water and emergency supplies for the entire household for at least seven days or more;
Check that storm-related products are hurricane-proof or impact-proof before purchasing;
Research recovery charities before donating;
Beware of unsolicited contractors and extremely low or high prices for quotes; and
Report price gouging during a state of emergency, including online or on the free No Scam app.

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