Ashley Moody Presents Resolution to Human Trafficking Survivor

State Attorney General Ashley Moody presented a resolution, recognizing January as Human Trafficking Prevention Month in Florida, to a human trafficking survivor working to help others heal.

Chanel Dionne, a trafficking survivor and Jacksonville victim advocate, received the 2020 Human Trafficking Summit Survivor Advocate of the Year Award from the Attorney General and the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking last October.

Dionne is a founding member of the first support group for trafficking survivors ages 18 and older in Duval County and, in 2019, expanded her work into St. John’s County. As COVID-19 began to spread in Florida, Dionne worked with a young woman—and new mom—aging out of foster care who was in need of a place to live for herself and her four-month-old baby. Even as the city remained shutdown to slow the spread of COVID-19, Dionne worked tirelessly to find the young woman a place to live. On top of securing the young mother and baby a home, Dionne played an instrumental role in furnishing the apartment through donations, including a new bed, crib, living room furniture and kitchen items.  Moody linked up with Dionne and presented her the State of Florida Human Trafficking Prevention Month Resolution.

“I am honored to present Chanel Dionne with the state resolution recognizing January as Human Trafficking Prevention Month in Florida. Chanel’s journey from human trafficking victim to survivor serves as an inspiration to us all, and her work advocating for victims of human trafficking has no doubt saved lives. Chanel was not broken by her experiences, but instead turned them into an empowering message for all victims and survivors of this heinous act of evil—letting them know that they are strong and courageous, and that they have an army of people in their corner fighting for them,” Moody said. “Thank you, Chanel, for your tireless efforts in survivor advocacy. You have made an impact in so many lives.”

“As we continue to raise awareness during National Human Trafficking Awareness Month, I would like to thank the AG’s office for its continued commitment to assist in eradicating human trafficking here in Florida. I am honored to accept this resolution and will continue my work in the fight against human trafficking,” Dionne said.

With major upcoming events, such as Super Bowl LV, taking place in Florida on Feb. 7, it is important for Floridians to learn how they can help stop human trafficking in Florida.

As chair of the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking, Moody is encouraging all Floridians to combat human trafficking by learning how to identify the signs. Significant red flags to look for include:

  • Individuals displaying fear, anxiousness, paranoia or a reluctancy to discuss injuries;
  • Physical injuries, such as burns, branding, disorientation, scars, tattoos, etc.;
  • Speaking as if coached or having someone else speak for them; and
  • Suffering from drug addiction, infections or sleep deprivation.

Last October, Moody and the Statewide Council on Human Trafficking launched the 2020 Human Trafficking Summit, which was held virtually for the first time in its nine-year history. The Summit crushed records with registrants from 43 states and includes more than 16 hours of educational content aimed at bringing awareness and knowledge on combatting human trafficking. Lawyers are able to earn up to 19 Continuing Legal Education hours by attending the summit. To learn more and join the Attorney General’s efforts to end human trafficking in Florida, register to access the Summit and all of its great content by visiting



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