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Ashley Moody Takes Legal Action Against More Solar Companies

Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced this week that she is taking legal action against two additional solar companies, Vision Solar and SetUp My Solar, for deceiving Floridians.

These latest actions come after announcing a suit against MC Solar last month for deceiving hundreds of consumers. Moody’s legal actions are the result of Consumer Protection Division investigations revealing the companies misled consumers about solar panel system installation processes, misrepresented pricing and incentives, and in some cases, caused damage to customers’ property. Both of the defendants allegedly violated Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act.

Moody said, “Our Consumer Protection Division’s hard work has resulted in legal action against three solar companies in just two months. Floridians, please do your research when entering into solar agreements—don’t fall for high-pressure sales tactics and read all the fine print in contracts. And solar companies, beware! If you are conducting deceptive business practices, my office will take action to ensure that these practices cease and, if necessary, that you no longer operate in the Sunshine State.”

Vision Solar sold solar panel systems to hundreds of consumers, allegedly promising certain solar-energy benefits and fast timelines for project completion. Consumers instead reported experiencing extensive delays, damage, and empty promises. The solar company allegedly misled consumers about the solar panel system installation process and relevant incentives or credits. Vision Solar also allegedly failed to successfully complete the permit requirements in setting up consumers’ solar grids, resulting in unexpected fines or liens for the customers.

In a separate case, SetUp My Solar, d/b/a 320 Solar, and owners, allegedly used high-pressure sales tactics and misrepresented to consumers’ possible savings, the quality of equipment and potential tax rebates. Consumers reported the company failed to complete or properly install systems, causing failed inspections and damage to consumers’ homes. The defendants also allegedly often bundled the solar equipment with additional items, such as water heaters and air conditioning units, without having the proper license and permit required to install them.

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The Florida Attorney General’s Office is seeking to permanently enjoin both companies from making unsubstantiated or misleading claims, or engaging in any business practice that misleads consumers about solar panel systems. The actions also seek to recover refunds and other relief for consumers for harms suffered as a result of these practices.

In addition to these actions, Moody also recently took action against another deceptive solar company, MC Solar. According to a consumer protection investigation, MC Solar and its owners scammed hundreds of consumers, including seniors, persons with disabilities and veterans. To learn more, click here.

Moody offered the following tips for consumers:

Beware of solar companies advertising as being a government-affiliated entity;

Thoroughly research solar companies before hiring. Read online reviews, check the Better Business Bureau website, and ask the company for names of customers in the area who can speak to the company’s work;

Do not feel pressured to make a purchase the same day the solar sales pitch occurs. Take time to review documentation the company provides to understand what type of solar panel system is being offered and any financing terms;

Read the fine print carefully before signing a contract. Not all consumers will be eligible for rebates, utility incentives, and other appealing perks; and,

Solar panels may impact home-insurance coverage. Talk to the homeowners insurance company to ask about how solar panels fit in to a policy.

To report deceptive or unfair trade practices, call 1(866) 9NO-SCAM or visit


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