Ashley Moody Unveils Latest Effort to Crack Down on Post-Hurricane Scams

Amid the busiest Atlantic hurricane season on record, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody announced her office is expanding the “Scams at a Glance” program to include the newest addition, “Scams at a Glance: After the Storm.”

Moody’s Scams at a Glance program is an online resource for Floridians to protect themselves against new and emerging scams and fraud. The After the Storm edition is intended to equip Floridians with tips and information on common scams that arise after natural disasters occur.

“The 2020 Hurricane Season is officially the most active on record. Last week alone, Hurricane Eta impacted many parts of Florida causing flooding and damage. My office created Scams at a Glance: After the Storm to make sure scammers are one less thing Floridians need to worry about when recovering from a storm. With the information and resources included in our new brochure, we can recover from these storms and together build a stronger, safer Florida,” Moody said on Monday

Included in Scams at a Glance: After the Storm are:

  • Resources following a natural disaster;
  • Tips on steering clear of repair scams;
  • How to spot and stop tree service scams; and
  • Ways to avoid water testing and treatment scams.

Scams at a Glance is an outreach program created by the Attorney General’s Office, complete with a webpage containing information about common and emerging scams. The webpage also provides downloadable brochures designed to equip consumers with knowledge on how to avoid falling victim to fraud. The brochures on the website are available in both English and Spanish.


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