Care Cap Plus Relocates Headquarters to Jacksonville

Care Cap Plus, a healthcare finance company serving medical practices and hospitals across the country, announced last week that it has relocated its headquarters from New Jersey to Jacksonville, Florida.

The company offers an answer to rising consumer medical debt, helping medical practices extend care to patients whose credit scores may not qualify them for other lending options – while allowing hospitals to get out of the business of chasing payments from patients. Positioned as a source of compassionate and responsible medical financing, Care Cap Plus offers interest-fee and fee-free payment plans to patients of participating providers, with a superior track record of patient repayment.

“Relocating our headquarters to Florida is part of our national business growth strategy to have a stronger presence in one of the nation’s most populous and diverse states,” said Betsy Giordano, the chief operating officer of Care Cap Plus. “Medical debt is crippling patients and driving consumers into bankruptcy, and we are proud to be a solution to that problem that benefits both patients and medical providers.”

The company’s relocation was fueled in part by Florida’s pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and friendly business and regulatory environment. Also factoring into the move was Care Cap Plus’ desire to grow business in the Southeast, one of the fastest growing regions. Care Cap Plus currently works with medical practices and hospitals in 15 states, including the nation’s four largest states — California, Texas, Florida, and New York — as well as southeastern states like Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina.

Care Cap Plus offers healthcare providers an upfront, non-recourse payment of 30% of the cost of a patient’s procedure, and services the balance of the patient’s payment in equal installments to ensure a reliable cash flow to providers. Patients pay zero fees and zero interest, and can qualify for Care Cap Plus with a credit score as low as 400.

In Florida, one in four people have put off a medical procedure because of a high deductible or affordability issue, and one in five struggle with medical debt. Care Cap Plus provides a way for patients to pay for medical procedures and services without going into debt, using a credit card, or taking out a loan. Other medical payment plans hit consumers with big fees and penalties if they are late on a payment or fail to pay off the debt in a fixed time.

“We created Care Cap Plus to meet a real need – a healthcare finance solution without ‘gotcha’ fees,” said Giordano. “Clearly that benefits patients, but it also benefits medical practices by building loyalty, referrals, and return business and growing the practice by extending care to patients who otherwise couldn’t afford it.”


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  1. I see no mention of the jobs that will go to Duval residents. Maybe because most of these tax haven, cheap wage, relocation businesses bring the majority of their employees with them when they relocate.


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