Democratic Leader in Florida Senate Calls on State to Investigate Donald Trump for Mob Action

In a letter sent on Friday to Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody, state Senate Democratic Leader Gary Farmer, D-Lighthouse Point, requested that a criminal investigation be launched by her office into whether President Donald Trump committed crimes against the state by encouraging a mob of his supporters to storm the nation’s Capitol.

According to Farmer’s office, the violations are all second-degree felonies and can be found in Chapter 876 of Florida Statutes.

“Through his organization of and participation in this week’s insurrection, Donald Trump advocated for the sabotaging and hindering of Vice President Pence and Congress’ ability to carry out the laws of our nation as set forth by the U.S. Constitution and federal statutes. This perfectly fits the definition of criminal anarchy as established by 876.02 Florida Statutes,” wrote Farmer.

“Furthermore, Donald Trump’s aid to and advocacy for the efforts to disrupt and prevent the Vice President and Congress from fulfilling their constitutional mandate established a crisis that put our nation’s constitutional form of government at risk. As such, Donald Trump fits the definition of a “subversive person” as established by 876.22 Florida Statutes,” Farmer added. “Additionally, as Donald Trump played a critically necessary role in the incitement of the insurrectionist mob that threatened our nation, and as both Donald Trump and other members of the seditious band are residents of the state of Florida, Donald Trump’s actions fit the definition of ‘inciting insurrection’ as established by 876.36 Florida Statutes.”

Farmer called on Moody to take action.

“As the Attorney General of our state it is your sworn duty to hold Florida’s criminals accountable. This duty still exists in regard to the criminal acts perpetrated by Donald Trump,” wrote Farmer. “Given the severity of Donald Trump’s criminal actions, and the grave threat that they posed to the existence of our nation’s government and its adherence to the Constitution, you are compelled both by your oath and commitment to the people of Florida to fully investigate the potential criminal actions laid out above.”


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