Donald Trump on Cuban Independence Day: ‘We Will Continue to Stand With the People of Cuba’

With Monday marking Cuban Independence Day, President Donald Trump weighed in on the occasion. The president offered the following message:

I send my sincere greetings to all those commemorating Cuban Independence Day. Today is both a cause for celebration and a time to remember and honor the brave men and women who fought in the name of Cuban liberty. We pay tribute to the many sacrifices of Cuba’s freedom fighters, and we will continue to stand with the people of Cuba as they seek democracy, peace, and freedom.

The Cuban people deserve a government that upholds democratic values and promotes economic and religious liberties. Heroes like Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo gave their last breaths in the cause of securing a government worthy of the Cuban people, one that protects the rights and dignity of its citizens. Together, we continue to fight for a free and democratic Cuba.

To the proud people of Cuba and to Cuban Americans, Melania and I send our warmest wishes as you observe this momentous day. Let us recommit to achieving a prosperous future for the Cuban people.

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