Ed Moore: Politicians Needs to Start Making Sense, Stop Spewing Nonsense

Okay. Enough. Frankly, I’m tired of every action taken by Gov. Ron DeSantis being slammed by potential opponents in November just for opposition’s sake. It’s predictable. It’s demeaning to the intelligence of the voter. It’s a waste of air that only serves to lower the bar of political discourse.

I’m scratching my head this election season at Democrats’ responses to DeSantis announcing the arrest of 20 convicted felons for illegally voting. Somehow enforcing the law is now voter intimidation? Really?

U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist, D-Fla., who is running in Tuesday’s Democratic primary to see who challenges DeSantis in November, asked, “Why is he spending millions to alter the system, including making it harder for people to vote?” So is it okay then to just allow illegal voters to vote?

Since when is enforcing the laws of the state a bad thing? I’ve always thought that arresting people for criminal activity was a deterrent for others to not violate the law. Politics keep getting weirder by the day.

It’s time we began calling politicians out for sneaky, manipulative and hollow moves designed to appeal to our lowest instincts. I’d much prefer to hear statements that elevate us, filled with visions for a better tomorrow. Politics today seems to have taken a break from painting a picture of how things might be. Instead, many politicians are more inclined to toss mud on a wall and hope anything will stick. It wastes our time and attention and turns us away from the positive engagement which is badly needed.

Yes, it does take a village to build a better village. I’m inspired by the notion of rugged individualism and incredibly impressed by success from people coming from the most impossible of beginnings. However, we can never lose sight of the social contract that should bind us together. Our politicians should inspire us. They should set a higher bar for truth, decorum and aspirations.

People tend to seek higher ground naturally. They want better lives, better schools and better opportunities for their children. Speak to these aspirations. Inspire those less privileged to find the ladders needed to climb to a higher level in life and provide them with the necessary motivational fuels. As the saying goes, life isn’t easy. It’s even harder when you are stupid. I’d add a corollary to this. Running for office is hard. It’s even harder when you carry the baggage of negativity.

Inspire us. Stop spewing nonsense. As sung by the Talking Heads, “start making sense.” Enforcing the laws of our state is not a bad thing. It’s a good thing. Politicizing law enforcement isn’t as low as seeking to defund or demean those who serve us by enforcing laws, but it’s demeaning to us and, in the end, to you.

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