Florida Voters Leaving the GOP After Capitol Hill Riot

After every election cycle, one political party gains and the other loses party membership.

But state voting analysis numbers compiled by The Hill show that the GOP has lost members after supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol, leading to violence and five deaths, including murdering a police officer.

Some Florida election supervisors report a swell of Republicans leaving the part following the Capitol riots.

In Miami, 1,000 Republicans changed their party registration compared to only 96 Democrats who changed theirs after the riots.

The Hill’s analysis shows that Hillsborough, Pinellas and Pasco Counties saw more than 2,000 Republicans leaving the party compared to 306 Democrats switching their affiliations.

In Northeast Florida, Duval County Elections Supervisor Mike Hogan reported around 1,000 voters have left the GOP with most registering with no party affiliation (NPA) since the attack on the Capitol. During the same period, 90 Democrats in Duval County changed their party registered

“These people who are doing this activity, they are likely very sophisticated voters. They’re highly participatory, If you’re sophisticated enough to change your party registration, you’re somebody who’s likely to vote,” Michael McDonald, a political science professor at the University of Florida, told The Hill.

“Voters switching parties after an election is nothing new,” insisted Jamie Miller, the former executive director of the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF).

Miller said he thinks the GOP’s numbers have gone down because of what took place in D.C. but added past elections need to be examined and the numbers should be compared on how quickly voters changed their party registrations in the past.

Other analysts insist that voters have left the GOP for different reasons.

Political commentator Barney Bishop pointed to social media comments, noting that many voters have left the GOP because they felt that Republicans at the national level weren’t fully supportive of former Trump in his post-election efforts.

The voting analysis by The Hill finds that the current Republican defections are a virtually unprecedented exodus that could spell trouble for the GOP, especially in swing districts and states. The voting analysis from voter registration data and information about voters switching between parties on a weekly basis.


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  1. Turns out the traitors in the riot to stop the steal didn’t even bother to vote when news orgs checked their voting records.
    Anyone staying in a party built on lie after lie after lie themselves become at least supporter of those lies. Thus why people can no longer be republican, they love their country too much.
    And can you believe in and follow Jesus and be a Trump repub backing the big lie?
    What would Jesus do?
    If anything, Trump IS the Anti-Christ to lead Christians astray from Jesus!!

    • I will back trump LONG before I back a communist in the leftist party. You can see what Biden and company are headed to, if not, turn in your voter id. And yes, I can believe in and follow Jesus and not support Biden a major participant in infanticide.

  2. We are leaving the Republican Party because we watched the open and blatant theft of our Presidential election and the GOP did NOTHING! It’s a Uniparty as many have said for years.

    And it has nothing to do with the set up in Capitol Hill. The violence in DC was majority from Antifa and blm instigators. Did you not see the videos where a fake Trump supporter starts attempting to break a window and genuine Trump supporters call him out as Antifa and stop him?!

    And after the instigators broke in, and yes, no doubt their were some Trump supporter who got caught up in the moment and entered with them. But once they were in, the barriers to the larger crowd of Trump supporters were opened and Trump supporters encouraged to enter by what looked to be Capitol police. And the doors to the Capitol bldg were opened and Trump supporters ushered in with security just standing inside as the Trump supporters slowly walked in like tourists….thise videos are out there as well.

    This was a set up to attempt to impeach Trump and panel Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. But nothing had been done over the past year as real domestic terrorists vandalized and burned parts of Democrat controlled cities.

    Your hypocrisy is unparalleled!

  3. I am sick of lies. Especially media lies. We have leftists including all kinds of radicals. We have the GOP which includes your deep state trash and rino trash. And we have patriots who want nothing to do with either of them. We know we have to save America, but fighting all of these traitors in DC takes a lot of guts. I think the establishment on both sides does not have the will. They are complicit with the take down of America.

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