Marco Rubio, Rick Scott Slam Impeachment as a Political Stunt

After the U.S. House voted to impeach President Donald Trump on two counts on Wednesday, the action now heads to the U.S. Senate–and neither of the two Republicans representing Florida sound ready to remove Trump.

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., weighed in on the House’s impeachment votes on Thursday as U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., pondered when to reach out to the upper chamber.

“Playing games with the transmission of the Articles to the Senate will not impede or influence the Senate, but it will be the kind of partisan political stunt that further undermines the credibility of the process carried out by House Democrats,” Rubio insisted.

“Not a single senator can be an ‘impartial juror’ in the traditional sense of a jury trial in court,” Rubio added noting that all 100 senators have “preexisting opinions” of Trump and seven either ran against Trump in 2016 or hope to in 2020, including U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass. “Sen. Warren decided to convict before the House even revealed the articles,” Rubio noted.

“The question before each senator isn’t whether” Trump “did something offensive, wrong, improper or even bad for the country,” Rubio continued. “The question is whether he has, (within the meaning of the Constitution) committed: treason; bribery; and/or other high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Looking ahead to his own vote, Rubio offered some insights on how his process.

“The Constitution provides no guidelines for how senators should arrive at their decision,” Rubio noted. “My decision will be guided by two factors: 1. conviction carries a mandatory and extraordinary minimum sentence, removal from office; 2. an alternative remedy is available, the 2020 election. Therefore my decision will be based on a two-pronged test: 1. Did the president commit treason, bribery and/or a high crime or misdemeanor as meant by Constitution; and 2. If so, does it rise to a level warranting removal or is it best left for voters to decide in just 11 months.”

U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., weighed in on the impeachment battle on Wednesday night and took aim the Democrats.

“The House Democrats just spent a month confirming that the president did nothing wrong and that this impeachment circus is nothing but partisan politics. Today’s vote solidifies how little the Democrats care about what’s really important to the American people. It’s clear all they care about are political games. This is sad and embarrassing, but I came to Washington to get something done for the American people. I look forward to getting back to working on all the things that aren’t getting done, like passing No Budget, No Pay, securing the border, and lowering drug prices for American families,” Scott said.


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  1. These Republicans are going to pay for supporting a corrupt president and lying like he does. The American worker is actually not doing well, so all the lies are going to come out when workers look at their bottom line. The increase in GDP is going to the wealthy…that’s clear. I’m going to do my part to make people aware that this party only serves the wealthy white Americans, and so are many other REAL HONEST AMERICANS!

  2. You are both wrong..when will you open your eyes about TRUMP??? Shame on you as our congressman and senator…

  3. The Republicans have taken the position if I don’t hear about and acknowledge it, it doesn’t exist. Mr. Trump has put this country at risk and made us look foolish to our allies and the rest of the world. To continue supporting this man and his policies is a danger that can’t be ignored. Open your eyes and ears and quit fawning over this man. Stand up for America and really make America great again.

  4. Wake up fellow Americans we are on the verge of losing our Great Country.We have suffered lie after lie from the democrates and the so called news. Now these lies are being revealed and will continue to be as we get the investigations done. Lets not destroy our democracy over hatred and inability too see the truth because you are only getting the information from one source the The One Voice News Media. They diliberatly mislead you. Presidant Donald Trumo has put this ecomony back on firm footing. You having the voting booth to speak your choice. Mine will be the support of a presidant that has meet and exceeds in keeping us a country we can be proud of even under great pressure. Remember it is We The People that means all of us. Thanks to all the republicans that have supported this our choice too lead this great nation. Go Republicians Go march on.


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