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Maria Elvira Salazar: HUD Sending $18.5 Million to Miami-Dade

Last week, U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, R-Fla., announced that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is sending $18.5 million to Miami-Dade County.

“As Miami becomes an increasingly popular place to live, I remain committed to ensuring families have affordable and viable housing options in our area. These grants are vital to local municipalities around our country and will help residents with their housing needs,” she said.

HUD will send $11,970,673 to the county through the Community Development Block (CDBG) Grants program.

The county will also get $1,052,098 in HUD funds through the Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) program.

HUD will send $5,541,707 the county though the HOME program which “helps to expand the supply of decent, affordable housing to low- and very low-income families by providing grants to states and local governments to fund housing programs that meet local needs and priorities.”


  • Originally from Jacksonville, Kevin Derby is a contributing writer for Florida Daily and covers politics across Florida.

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