National Media Blames Ron DeSantis For Slow Rollout of COVID-19 Vaccine

A recent article in the New York Times criticizes Gov. Ron DeSantis’ COVID-19 vaccine rollout, insisting “Florida’s big rollout sputters.”

The article alluded to the DeSantis administration’s plans to release the vaccine, insisting it has not shown much leadership, calling the effort “sort of lawless, a free-for-all.”

At a press conference last week, DeSantis said the beginning stages of the rollout have been a little rocky but he also added that Florida’s process is moving smoother than other states.

In the beginning of the vaccine rollout, the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC) issued guidelines recommending states begin by only giving out vaccines to those 75 years and older and to front-line workers, teachers, manufacturing workers and grocery store workers.

But the governor’s office said they would not follow the CDC guidelines and, instead, would put seniors 65 years and older at the front of the line.

With this move, DeSantis has been receiving praise from members of the healthcare industry.

“When the Florida rollout began, sure, things were a little rough but that is to be expected with a huge supply and demand,” said Dr. William Mallon, the owner of Globechek in Vero Beach.

Mallon said the media is being unfair to DeSantis.

“Every time the government oversees a rollout there’s always going to be back up. It’s like going to the DMV or waiting in line to vote,” said Mallon.

Nick Iarossi, the owner and founder of Capital City Consulting, also believes the media has given the governor an unfair shake.

Iarossi, whose firm has clients in the healthcare industry, told Florida Daily he thinks the governor’s decision to take care of those 65 and older first is the right way to go

“The media is never going to like this governor,” he said. “He’s had hundreds of thousands of seniors get the dose and more on the way. He’s opened up more vaccine sites and has gotten the private sector involved more too. You don’t read about that too much in the press do you?”


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