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Florida Seniors and AARP Members Won’t Support Medicare For All

According to Bob Cusack from The Hill, seniors and AARP members who are on Medicare are not on board with the Medicare for all proposal by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt. and congressional Democrats.

Cusack pointed out that seniors are a major factor in states like Florida. These seniors, especially those in the program, Cusack noted,  don’t want to see it expanded into a “Medicare for All” package which will reduce their coverage.

He also said that Democrats are going to have to ease seniors’ fears if they continue to push Medicare for All.


Democrat State Rep. Wants Concealed Gun Permit Applications to Include Mental Health Evaluations

State Rep. Al Jacquet, D-Riviera Beach, has filed a bill which would force individuals wanting a concealed carry gun permit to go through a mental health evaluation.

Floridians who apply for the permits would have to obtain permission from a doctor who would have to sign off on the applicant’s mental behavior and agree the applicant did not show signs of any mental instability.

“We need to ensure that people wishing to conceal carry are of sound mind,” said Jacquet.

The bill is not expected to gain traction in either chamber of the GOP-controlled Legislature.


Florida Cities Looking To Start New Committees To Deal With Vaping

Several Florida cities are starting to have concerns about vaping.

Some cities, including Jacksonville, already have a committee in place dealing with opioids. Now some local officials believe these committees should be expanded to deal with vaping and its impact on younger people.

Jacksonville City Councilman Ron Salem, a pharmacist, could be exploring starting such a committee.

Some city commissioners across the state are addressing the matter which President Donald Trump called a nationwide epidemic.

But vape shop owners say creating new committees isn’t needed, pointing out only eight deaths across the nation have been blamed on vaping.


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