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State Rep Wants to Expand Open Carry

Most open carry proposal in Florida would have only applied to citizens with a concealed weapons permit.

But now, state Rep. Anthony Sabatini, R-Howey-in-the-Hills, wants all gun owners to be able to carry openly.

Sabatini is dubbing his proposal “constitutional carry,” insisting lawful gun owners can carry firearms openly without a license in areas where concealed firearms are already allowed. He said people should be able to protect themselves without having to obtain permission from the government.

Still, Sabatini admitted he will have a tough road ahead of it even as a host of proposals from Democrats won’t clear the GOP-controlled Legislature.

Republicans, Democrats Oppose Open Primaries in Florida

One proposed amendment to the state constitution that could be on the ballot come 2020 would give all voters, no matter what their party affiliation is, a say when it comes to casting votes in the primaries.

All Voters Vote has pushed a proposed amendment for open primaries, insisting that the current closed primaries are not fair for all voters. The group thinks it should have enough signatures to make the ballot.

But Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody said the wording of the proposed amendment is flawed. In a rare moment of unity, the Republican Party of Florida and the Florida Democratic Party are looking to stop the measure from getting on next year’s ballot. For an amendment to be added to the Florida Constitution, 60 percent of voters need to approve it.

Floridians Optimistic About the Economy

The latest numbers show Floridians are optimistic about the economy.

According to the University of Florida’s Consumer Sentiment Index, Florida consumers’ opinions of their personal finances were higher than last year. They also think it’s a good time to purchase a major household item.

Other parts from the index revealed that Floridians have a favorable view of where the national economy is headed in the next year and consumer sentiment is higher in the Sunshine State.

So far in 2019, 221,000 jobs have been added to the state.

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