Opinion: Florida Should Support Ron DeSantis to be its Next Governor

This week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that Governor Rick Scott would not be able to pick the next three Supreme Court justices. Despite the fact that this seems like a blatant violation of the separation of powers, we still have a chance.

Despite the absurdity of a clearly partisan court ruling in their own favor (fox guarding the henhouse?), we still have a chance.

Despite the Democrats, nominating a man (who is under FBI investigation for corruption, by the way) who hates our Constitution, despises our country and her laws, we still have a chance!

We still have a chance to elect a governor who will stand up to the Supreme Court and end the practice of legislating from the bench.

We still have a chance to elect a governor will pick justices and judges who know the constitution, love the Constitution, and will interpret the law, as it is, not by how they think it should be.

We still have a chance, to tell our friends and neighbors, that the policies and decisions of a far left socialist like Andrew Gillum, may be what California wants but that is not what Florida wants.

California and Gillum want judges who protect sanctuary cities and turn loose criminal illegal aliens back on to our streets.

California and Gillum want judges who tell private businesses that they must offer a service, even if it violates their conscience or face heavy fines and jail time.

California and Gillum want judges who will take away your Second Amendment rights and strip your ability to take responsibility for yourself and others.

That is not what Florida wants and that is not what a Governor DeSantis will want.

All around me, I see apathy but the great thing about apathy is that a few people can make a big difference! You are reading this today because you are not apathetic and because you are those few people, and you will make a big difference on November 6th.


The author of this opinion piece, state Sen. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, was elected to the Florida Senate in 2016 after serving more than a dozen years during two stints in the Florida House. He represents all of  Sumter County and parts of Lake and Marion Counties.

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