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Poll: Colleges Are Failing to Prepare Gen Z for the American Workplace

Job-matching company RedBalloon released its latest survey on the attitudes of employers and employees toward Gen Z-ers (people born between the mid-1990s and mid-2010s) in the workplace.

“Gen Z is struggling to acclimate to America’s workplaces,” said the report. Sixty-eight percent of Employers Say Gen Z has Reliability Issues, and 71% say Gen Zers are the most likely to have workplace mental health Issues. Sixty-two percent say Gen Z brings toxicity and divisiveness to the workplace.

The survey of over 80,000 small businesses also found that 91% of small business owners “believe that colleges are creating unrealistic expectations among students about what their job and work life will be like post-graduation.”

“Gen Z is earning a failing grade in America’s workplaces,” said Red Balloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes. “With baby boomers retiring in record numbers, America needs Gen Z to step up. But Gen Z is struggling big-time to engage with the workplace in a meaningful way.”

The survey also found that less than 4% of employers say that Gen Z is the generation that “most aligns with their workplace culture,” and 57% say Gen Z is the most likely group to pose a risk of a workplace lawsuit.  

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A sampling of the survey’s verbatim comments about Gen Zers by employers includes:

“Absolute delusion, complete lack of common sense, and zero critical reasoning or basic analytical skills.”

“Entitlement; they want higher-end coffee, large pay increases every year, promotions, perks, benefit upon benefits, more remote work even though they

may be underperforming already with two days’ per week remote.”

“Expecting promotions for simply showing up every day.”

“Most likely to demand workplace culture to fit their preferences rather than adjusting to the workplace culture.”

“Unjustified expectations and entitlements.”

The survey concluded, saying, “Overall, simply not a positive report card for the latest generation entering the workforce.”


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