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Poll Shows Mixed Feelings About Protestors at Florida Colleges and Others Throughout the U.S.

A new Generation Lab Poll () shows that most college students in the U.S. aren’t on board with the methods of the anti-Jewish protestors on college campuses.

The poll found that most students view the economy, healthcare, and education as the top issues. Ranking at the bottom was the conflict in the Middle East.

A plurality of students (34%) blamed Hamas leaders, not Israel, for the current situation in Gaza.

54% of college students opposed the idea of colleges boycotting, divesting, and sanctioning any investment or partnerships with companies and groups based in Israel.

81% of students felt that their university should hold students accountable for damaging property, vandalizing, or illegally occupying buildings.

83% of college students said that Israel has a right to exist.

The poll also revealed some mixed results in favor of the protestors. When asked if they think about how the nation perceives their generation and how the recent string of campus protests makes them feel about their generation, a majority (54%) said proud.

A plurality (45%) of students had no problem with tent encampments being used to boycott and protest against Israel.

A surprisingly high number of students (43%) thought it was acceptable for students to occupy campus buildings and block students who support Israel from entering spaces on campus as a part of their protest.

Also, the question was asked,” Do you think your peers should be spending more or less time protesting? 28% said more time, 29% said less, and 43% said unsure.

1,250 U.S. college students who took this survey.


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