Rick Scott Blames Joe Biden for Rising Inflation

On Friday, U.S. Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., held a roundtable discussion with small business owners in Miami to discuss the impact of rising inflation which he blamed on President Joe Biden.
Earlier this month, Scott introduced the “Federal Debt Emergency Control Act” which, he insists, will help ‘rein in Washington’s out-of-control spending and provide a concrete path forward to tackle the nation’s nearly $30 trillion debt.”
“America is in a debt crisis because of reckless government spending. Now, thanks to the insane spending and failed policies of President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington, we are seeing higher and higher inflation. When inflation goes up, it hurts everyone – especially our small businesses and poorest families, like mine growing up,” Scott said.
“Today, I met with small business owners in Miami who are experiencing Biden’s inflation crisis firsthand. We know that 83 percent of Americans are already tightening their budget due to inflation pressures. That means countless Floridians, like those I spoke with today, are having a harder time making ends meet. We can’t let Washington continue to spend with reckless abandon and hurt Florida families and businesses with rising prices. I’ll never stop fighting against Washington’s binge spending and for common-sense reforms that reduce the debt, stop inflation and protect all Floridians,” Scott said.
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  1. We need help. I have less money to feed my family on now. Stop just giving money away to people that have never put any money in for taxes. Making harder for the American dreams when Americans can have it anymore.

  2. Maybe if tru.p had controlled the pandemic better the economy would be in better shape. Biden has only been in power for 150 days. DUH!!!

    • 150 days of madness. I would hate to see what Biden would have done about the pandemic. Oh wait, I know what he would have done. Nothing!

    • 150 days of madness. I would hate to see what Biden would have done about the pandemic. Oh wait, I know what he would have done. Nothing!

  3. I see Scott has seen the light after 4 yrs of repubs tax cuts and spending debt that along with previous ones are responsible for 90% of that $30T debt.
    But when some of it goes to people like under dems, Biden , he gets all upset about it says everything about Scott, repubs.
    I agree with Scott the debt is too high so let’s get rid of the huge tax breaks the rich, corporations got that is driving up the debt.
    And get rid of the $600B in oil, coal subsidies to poison us would go a long way to cutting the national debt.
    Renewable energy costs much less, people can make their own and more to sell that don’t make pollution but repubs can’t have that.
    They rather support Putin, oil dictators, corporate welfare than give lower cost clean power to people.
    Repubs are morally and fiscally bankrupt and now going batshirt crazy over lies, lies and more lies.

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