Rogan O’Handley: Joe Biden is Bad for America, but He’s Worse for Florida

Every state in the country would suffer under a Joe Biden presidency, and Florida is no exception.

The former vice president is on the verge of officially becoming the most liberal presidential nominee since George McGovern, who lost every state but Massachusetts to Richard Nixon in the landslide 1972 election. Biden’s policies would reverse the economic revival that the Trump administration engineered, burden working families with crippling new taxes, and sell out American interest to hostile foreign rivals such as communist China.

Not long after sewing up the Democrat presidential nomination, Biden joined forces with self-proclaimed democratic-socialist U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, appointing the freshman legislator as co-chair of his campaign’s climate policy task force — a strong indication that Biden would try to implement the $93 trillion Green New Deal, a big-government boondoggle that would wipe out entire industries and cost 10.3 million Americans whose jobs depend on oil and natural gas their livelihoods.

Biden’s proposed $15-per-hour minimum wage, meanwhile, would saddle small businesses with additional costs at a time when they’re still recovering from the stay-at-home orders imposed in response to the coronavirus pandemic. This would be particularly devastating to business owners in states such as Florida and Texas, where the minimum wage is currently around half the level that Biden envisions.

Notably, even Biden’s support for dramatically increasing the minimum wage hasn’t been enough to persuade skeptical labor unions — most of which are reliably pro-Democrat — to rally behind him.

Biden’s utter neglect of the American middle class is nothing new. As a senator, he voted for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which cost Americans over a million blue-collar jobs and hollowed-out communities across the country. As vice president, he supported a similar agreement that would have extended the NAFTA model to the Asia-Pacific region. Fortunately, President Trump scrapped the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) shortly after taking office.

Here in Florida, Donald Trump’s pro-growth policies ushered in a blue-collar boom that reinvented the construction and manufacturing industries. In-migration from other states, spurred in large part by the president’s tax cut legislation, brought in $16 billion in adjusted gross income in just one first year. Biden, however, wants to reverse these policies, vowing to repeal the historic Trump tax cuts on his first day in office.

Similarly, while President Trump works to cut red tape in the public health bureaucracy and give Americans more control over their own health care, Biden wants to double down on the failed Obamacare experiment by shoveling an additional $750 billion taxpayer dollars into the disastrous program.

Florida has made a lot of progress over the past three years, and Joe Biden aims to reverse all of it. A Biden presidency would be bad for America, but it would be an absolute disaster for Florida.

Rogan O’Handley (@DC_Draino) is a former entertainment lawyer who now posts conservative political commentary and news online. He earned two bachelor degrees, magna cum laude, in political science and criminal justice from Northeastern University. He earned his law degree from the University of Chicago Law School.


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  1. Economic revival?
    Hardly Trump inherited a great growing economy, I know Obama’s fault!, and within a yr Trump had humbled the Ag, export and manufacturing industries losing markets and higher metal, etc prices, shortages so bad the Fed had to lower rates to 1% to prop the economy up.
    And that was with $3T of tax cuts that mostly went to stock buybacks, nothing to workers, improving the economy, except for the 1%.
    His actual blocking of mass testing, stockpiling PPEs for 2 months as the virus spread unchecked because Trump refused to buy, use the WHO proven test to do it caused having to lock down causing likely 90% excess deaths from his incompetence.
    Because of that 2 month delay over 200k more than needed to die this yr than if Trump had followed his advisors and started mass testing early.
    You call that economic revival?

  2. Joe Biden has no compass. He is bought and paid for full able to be directed and navigated by the radical socialist left. Trump is not – He will be strong unwavering and will stand for what the real majority of America values. Joe has gotta go.

  3. Facts – you couldn’t even spell it. You and this jumped up arse of a lawyer are morons. You don’t deserve to addressed in any other way.

  4. Trump and his pocket stuffing administration turned a thriving economy into a crumbled disaster. The 1% got richer and the rest of us are at the mercy of God.

    • I suppose you think Biden is going to be a great president? In fact we all know that Biden can’t fart without having help!

  5. Trump and his family of grifters conned all of you idiots that voted for him. He and his pocket stuffing administration turned a thriving economy into RUINS.


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