Steve Cortes: President Trump Has Earned Hispanics’ Trust

Florida is usually considered a swing state, but President Donald Trump’s prospects are rising in the Sunshine State next year as Hispanic voters rally behind his record of prosperity.

The Trump campaign launched its “Vamos to Victory” tour this week to highlight the growing Hispanic support for the president across the country. That’s not news to Florida, though.

In 2016, then-candidate Trump shocked liberal opinion-makers by winning 35 percent of the Hispanic vote in Florida. Up to that point, pundits had predicted that President Trump would suffer a blowout among Hispanic Americans, jeopardizing his ability to win the state. Those predictions never materialized, but liberal commentators have kept repeating the same refrains ever since, presumably hoping to speak them into reality.

The mainstream media are still hoping for a Hispanic backlash against Trump in 2020, but given the president’s impressive record of accomplishments, especially when it comes to the booming economy, it’s more likely that President Trump will actually receive a boost from Hispanic voters as he pursues reelection.

In fact, numerous polls, including one released just last month, indicate that Hispanic support for Trump is approaching the 50 percent milestone.

Those results suggest that the president has an excellent chance of improving on his already-impressive performance among Hispanic voters in Florida and other states, especially given the success he’s had in creating a brighter future for all Americans.

President Trump’s pro-growth agenda has rejuvenated the American economy, producing robust economic growth, rapid job creation, and the largest wage increases since the Great Recession. Along with the rest of the country, Hispanic-Americans have benefited greatly, with our unemployment rate currently sitting at an all-time low.

The American economy isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, either, meaning Hispanic Americans will likely continue to make significant strides and enjoy tangible improvements in our quality of life all the way up to Election Day 2020 and beyond.

In fact, the president’s deft management of the economy is winning him the support of the Hispanic community nationwide, so the Democrats should be terrified. Why would we put our prosperity at risk, after all, by voting for any of the far-left ideologues pursuing the Democratic Party’s nomination, all of whom are hell-bent on reversing President Trump’s successful policies?

If the recent polls showing Trump at nearly 50 percent approval among Hispanics are reflected in the 2020 election results, it will sound the death knell of the current Democratic Party. In Florida, the Trump campaign’s investment into Hispanic voter outreach has already sparked a panic among DNC operatives, who know that Florida is unwinnable for their party without overwhelming Hispanic support.

Instead of contesting President Trump on his record, the 2020 Democrat candidates, therefore, have tried to use cheap tricks to win Hispanic support, such as patronizing us by making canned remarks in Spanish. But Hispanic voters aren’t going to be won over by candidates pandering to us; like everyone else, we just want politicians who will represent our interests and provide us with the opportunity to thrive.

President Trump would never engage in the cheap pandering to attract Hispanic support that establishment politicians do. Moreover, his record of growing the economy builds a natural connection to him among voters in increasing numbers. In 2020, expect Hispanic voters in Florida and other states to shock the liberal establishment by propelling the President to a re-election victory that’s hard-fought but well-earned.


Steve Cortes is a CNN political commentator and a member of President Donald Trump’s Hispanic Advisory Council.


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