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Jimmy Patronis Issues Directive for Transparency and Accountability for Construction Materials Mining Activities

This directive promotes transparency and accountability and requires the Division of State Fire Marshal to create a website where members of the public can submit complaints relating to construction materials blasting as well as review the status of complaints.

Jimmy Patronis: More Than $27 Million in Unclaimed Property Returned to Floridians in February

Since Patronis took office three years ago more than $1.2 billion has been returned to Floridians in Unclaimed Property.

Jimmy Patronis Warns About Online Dating Scams

The Better Business Bureau warns that online dating sites have reported a surge in activity the days before Valentine’s Day, as many singles use technology to find a match.

Jimmy Patronis: Division of Unclaimed Property Returned More than $25 Million Last Month

This fiscal year, the CFO has returned $292.4 million on more than 456,000 approved claims. Since taking office in July 2017, Patronis has recovered and returned more than $936 million to Floridians.